Videos :

Carl Jorgensen presents: "Do You Have an Options Trading Edge?"  at the Silicon Valley Options Group February 19, 2022 meeting.   Carl shares lessons learned over 25+ years of trading options. 

Trading Efficient markets in the long-run is a zero-sum game unless you have an ‘Edge’. Knowing exactly what your Edge IS and then implementing a Trading Plan to take advantage of that ‘Edge’ is key to becoming consistently successful at Trading. We explore some common Options Trading Strategies, Probabilities, Beliefs, Mis-Information and the most common Errors that prevent Traders from realizing consistent long-term performance. Analysis methods to help optimize performance will be shared along with examples of implementing an Options Trading ‘Edge’. 

Stock Talk Happy Hour   -  Watch the Interview Heather Grehan of Zazen Capital Management recorded with Carl Jorgensen in the summer of 2016.  Lots of bits of wisdom shared, role of risk management, why Carl trades Options, trade comparison & analysis, and a walk thru a series of trades.  Great educational value with examples of key concepts and processes.