Trader Development Workshop - Objectives

The Trader Development Workshop is designed to help both new and experienced traders with the challenging process of designing an effective Trading Plan that fits the Individual. 

  • If you have tried trading, only to become frustrated with inconsistent results.
  • If you desire to write your own trading plan, but have no idea where to start.
  • If you have an idea for a trading strategy, but do not know how to evaluate its merits, nor how to turn it into a trading system.
  • If you have a trading system, but you can not seem to stick to your own rules.
  • If your trading records show that you tend to exit winning trades far too early, and hang onto losers too long, resulting in small winners and large losses.
  • If you have a profitable trading system and track record, but want to become more efficient and improve your performance.

Then this Workshop can help you.  


Regardless of experience level, this 2-day workshop will provide the tools and techniques for each trader to build their own unique:   

  • Training Curriculum
  • Learning Processes
  • Trading Business Plan
  • Trading Strategy
  • Mental Discipline techniques
  • Trade and Portfolio Risk Management Methods
  • Dynamic Position Sizing Methods 
  • Trade Tracking and Record Keeping System
  • Trade Journal
  • Continuous Improvement Process

Methods of evaluating trading systems will be reviewed. Examples of mental exercises to improve focus and discipline will be taught.  Trades that demonstrate implementing specific risk management concepts will be shared. 


Each student will receive a class Manual containing over 480 slides of the presented materials, and a CD containing documents to help speed the implementation of methods covered in the workshop. 



 Key Topics include:

Identify common misunderstandings about probabilities and Risk Management. 

Provide multiple examples of effective risk management methods. 

Provide multiple examples of Record Keeping tools and methods. 

Provide multiple examples of Discipline monitoring and improvement techniques. 

Understanding your Beliefs about the Markets, and how they affect your trading strategy and execution. 

Examples of computing Hedge Ratios, and measuring Trade Efficiency. 

Developing Contingency Plans, with examples. 

Examples of various Position Sizing methods, including volatility based dynamic methods.  

Learn a System Development process, System Testing and Evaluation methods.  

Monitoring both your System and You. Examples of Tools to effectively track the performance of each.  

The role of Psychology, emotions, and attitudes in Trading. Techniques to better be aware of each, monitor, and correct. 

A process for developing Discipline in Trading.  

The Pros and Cons of various System Testing Methods.  

Comparison of various successful trading Styles.  

Trend versus Noise analysis.  

How to develop a Trading System with an ‘Edge’. How many destroy their ‘Edge’.  

Entries versus Exits. Measuring their performance.  

The most common errors with exits. 

Provide Sample Trade Checklist, and Sample Trading Plan Outline.  

The problem with Targets. 

Why most traders do not make money trading other systems.  

How to effectively track your performance, and effectively identify exactly what is, and what is not, working. 

Steps to Developing a System. 

What can cause a Trader to turn into a Gambler.  

The differences between a Trading Plan, System, and Strategy. 

How to analyze data, and notice curve fitting versus a Robust system.  

Multiple examples of effective record keeping.


The objective of this class, is to provide the trader with a set of tools and guidance for developing the skills that are critical for successful trading.  Equipping each trader to create their own effective trading plans and systems that fit their personality and objectives.  We will share from our experience, how these aspects can be addressed individually as well as integrated together. We will provide many examples, as well as some of our favorite tools and resources. We are not experts in any one specific area, but we will share our experiences and identify those expert resources we have used and found effective. Our expertise is in developing ways to effectively integrate together the multiple aspects of trading that are key to success. 


We recorded a live Trader Development Workshop and have made it available for those unable to travel or who prefer a self-paced learning experience.


This workshop took place over two days, and all the material covered is included in the Manual (over 480 slides) and 8 DVDs. Also, a CD is included with the multiple hand-outs provided at this workshop.

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What Workshop Students are saying:


“Thanks for the incredible presentations you gave us at the seminar. The seminar is the best program among all the events I ever attended in terms of content, structure, and the graphical delivery methods. You are a very dedicated and talented teacher, and I am very humbled to be one of your students.  Thanks again !” - Steve


 "Well organized and well presented.   I found the sections on … noise Analysis, calculation of Volatility, adjusting position size and risk proportionally… most useful."  - Mike


"I loved all the topics covered. I enjoyed the specific examples of how each idea was developed or personalized. This provides me with a basis to develop my own personalization."   

"Wonderful. Beneficial. This is exactly what I have been looking for in my current situation. I am glad to have learned from such an experienced and talented professional. I choose to learn from the failures and successes of professionals to hopefully eliminate my own failures and boost my success … at least recover faster than if I were out there alone."  

"This workshop will summarize the major concepts to become a personally successful trader. These concepts are not taught or mentioned by many other so called professionals." - Michael


"Found this to be a very good resource for traders at different levels, the material covered was concise and presented in a fashion to help shape the basis and foundation for a successful trading system."  - Phil


 Most useful – "Discussion of trade sizing & Risk Reward and expectancies. –Trading & Business Plan development discussions."  - Kirk


 "Great insight as to what I need to do to be successful."    Most useful ... "System Development Testing, Risk Reward, Exits.  A Must Take for New Traders."  Larry



"Specific details & steps to define & differentiate between system, plan, strategy ... were most useful.’    ‘CJ was excellent, easy to understand, stayed on topic while answering questions to clarify subject.’    ‘Thank you for providing all the slides. Excellent & complete details to create plan & system.’     ‘With the tools provided in the workshop, I will be able to create the personal trading plan that has eluded me for years." - Debbie


“The workshop was absolutely first rate. I feel fortunate to have been able to attend. There was so much more material than I was expecting and every bit of it was relevant to my trading situation. So much material was covered in two days, yet the pace seemed just right. I marvel at the amount of effort that went into compiling it all. … My trading has already seen an improvement in just a few days but realize it will be an ongoing process. So many useful concepts. Thanks very much.” - John


"Great course, very important information that is often overlooked by most traders." - Jim


“After my first week back from the workshop I could not be happier.  I took your words to heart and have been following my defined steps to move towards a complete trading plan and better knowledge of my indicators. I have not placed one trade this week so I could focus entirely on learning. ... I must say this week has been extraordinary for my learning.   The indicator process has opened up many characteristics that I've never seen before.  So far they appear to be important observations that I can't believe I didn't pick up on before. On top of that, knowing I'm progressing towards a complete trading plan has me very focused and excited about my progress. I had to take a few minutes and tell you THANK YOU. “ - Matt


 CJ, I can’t thank you enough for the things you have taught me. The last few months it has really come together. My fishing has improved so much I should never go hungry again. - wdc