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Below are links to various web sites we have found useful and/or educational.

Most all sites have sponsors. We try to only list those that have minimal advertising and provide unbiased, objective tools and information. 

We are not responsible for their content.


How is the VIX index calculated?
A White Paper showing how the CBOE "VIX" Volatility Index is calculated. Helps to know what the VIX is based upon and therefore what it indicates.


CMT Association
The CMT Assoc. web site home page. (Formerly known as the Market Technician Association).  Access to CMT education materials, events, meetings, etc.


Free Stock Charts



Dr Howard Bandy presentation on Quantitative Analysis techniques.
video link to view Dr Howard Bandy's Aug 13 2014 webinar regarding Quantitative Technical Analysis and system evaluation. Thanks to the MTA and their archives.


For Education only - the Original Turtle Trading Rules
the Original Turtle Trader's system. Do Not Trade this, but STUDY it carefully. This is a good example of what a 'complete' trading system may look like.


Why do so many Traders Fail ?
The most common reasons why so many Forex traders fail, are applicable to most ALL traders and markets.


FLOORED - 2009 Documentary about the Chicago Trading Floors
An excellent documentary about the Trading Floors in Chicago. Glad I was able to visit each of these 3 (CME, CBOT & CBOE) before electronic trading volume over-passed these historic places. Enjoy this well done & accurate documentary film.


Dr. Bandy - Becktesting in Trading System Devlopment
Dr. Howard Bandy - The Role of Backtesting in Trading System Development (July 2013 for TSAA-SF) 1hr 19min.


Tharp Trader Test video
Van Tharp introduction to Trader types and role of Personality. Find out YOUR trader personality type for free at


Stocks with High short interest
Stocks with shorts of over 20% of their float. These are typically Volatile stocks that can really move (i.e. a short squeeze).


Most active Options volume on stocks
Stocks with the most active Options Volume today.


NASDAQ most active stocks
Most active NASDAQ listed stocks today, by volume.


NYSE most active stocks
Most active NYSE listed stocks today, by volume


Dr. Van Tharp
Author, NLP expert, Trading coach, position sizing, risk and personal performance mastery.


Charles Cottle - the Risk Doctor
Author, former CBOE floor trader and co-founder of ThinkorSwim online brokerage.


Larry McMillan - Options Strategist
Highly respected options Expert, Author, Speaker.


Free Charting - Trading View


Free Stock Charts


Options & Volatility Information
Free (and paid) Options detail information, Volatility charts (Historical and Implied) provided by iVolatility . com Registration required (free).


Free Options Education
Non-biased free Options educational materials, webinars, classes, etc. provided by the Options Industry Council.


ThinkScript Resources
User Group of ThinkOrSwim platform based 'ThinkScript' programmers  and users sharing code and useful information.



Options Education
Access to the Chicago Board Options Exchange Learning Center. Lots of free educational materials,


Trading / Investing terminology Dictionary
A free resource for trading terminology.


Technical Analysis Education Resource
The Market Technician Assoc.'s 'Knowledge Base' for Technical Analysis. Free Info. on TA.


Earnings Calendar for Today
US Listed Companies that report Earnings today. Yahoo Finance link.




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