Trader Development Workshop

When people decide to trade the markets, they often are in a hurry to start trading. They can not wait to start making money, and do not wish to miss out on the next big move.  They may have limited training or market knowledge and seldom a written plan.  While other traders may desire to develop their own trading plan, but have no idea where to start.  It is not a surprise that very few succeed in the long run.


If you are serious and committed to learning to trade, then this Workshop can help guide your development. 


The process of identifying your objectives, developing a Trading Business Plan, developing Trading Strategies that fit your personality, are key to dramatically improving your ability to stick to your plan and realizing long term success in the markets.


The Trader Development Workshop covers these key processes, as well as teaches proven techniques to resolve the most common problems that many traders face while striving for consistent success.  Our objective, is to help you find your Trading Niche, that one thing, that you can learn to become very good at, and then help you effectively become a master at that one thing.


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the Trader Development Workshop.



In this Workshop, Carl Jorgensen will share his effective learning methods that have made a significant difference in his trading career.