Efficient Options Trading

Carl Jorgensen shares analysis methods he has developed over 20+ years of trading options that can help improve overall performance by optimizing strategy and contract selection decisions to fit your own trading objectives.  Understanding and quantifying both the pros and cons of each decision helps to make an informed compromise between Risks, Probabilities and potential Rewards.


Just like any business, the serious trader will want to track their costs and overall efficiency to measure actual performance and identify areas that can be improved.  This means measuring total slippage, average win size, average loss size, dollar amount at risk, expectancy, probability and overall performance.  Tracking key data enables the trader to not only know how they are doing, but also provides a method to quantify improvements made over time to help ensure each $ Risked is producing  optimal Returns.

Options trading can provide both Leverage and precise Risk Control if they are understood and used properly.  Options are usually very good at pricing ‘Risk’,  so understanding how well they are priced and how to put that to your advantage is an example of one key aspect to Efficient Options Trading.


Topics covered include:

Options Terminology & Trading Objectives

The Impact of ‘Free’ Commissions

Total Slippage & Leverage (Stocks - ETFs - Options - Futures)

Applying Technical Analysis

Probability and Expectancy

Specific Analysis Methods Detailed

Analysis of  different Trading Instruments

Analysis of  different Options Strategies

Analysis of  different Options Strikes

Analysis of  various Options Premium Selling Strategies

Taking Advantage of Implied Volatility

The importance of having an ‘Edge’

Matching an Options Strategy to current Market Conditions and your Opinions


Multiple examples are provided to demonstrate the process used to measure key aspects of Options Trading, quantifying the pros, cons, probabilities and Expectancy. These analysis methods can help the trader optimize their decisions regarding a strategy, strike and expiration selection decisions that best match their objectives as well as identify if their overall system has a positive expectancy or not.


IMPORTANT:  These presentations do not recommend any specific trading style or strategy. They do provide quantifiable methods to measure the Risk, Reward and Probabilities so an Options Trader can monitor and refine their own trading style, strategy and decisions.

The information shared in these presentations is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as specific investment advice or trade recommendations of any kind.  

These Efficient Options Trading presentations were recorded in 2019 at two live events.  A set of 4 DVDs covering about 5 hours of presentations as well as a ‘Documents’ CD-ROM are included in this package.  Over 230 slides shared in these presentations are contained in a PDF file included on the ‘Documents’ CD-ROM so that high resolution charts and tables can be viewed and not limited by the standard resolution images on the DVDs. A table of contents helps one locate a specific Topic on both the PDF file page number and the appropriate DVD disk and chapter.


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