About TradeObjectives

TradeObjectives was formed in 2009 as result of Carl Jorgensen's experiences learning to master trading, and recognizing the common struggles he has seen fellow traders experience while trying to learn trading.  He saw the need for an educational resource that fills the void that most existing programs leave unaddressed. This need is the area of Effective Integration of both the Knowledge and multiple Skills needed for Successful trading. The Trader Development Workshop was developed to address this need, as a way to share with fellow traders, the skills and techniques he and others have used to successfully meet this challenge.


TradeObjectives offers live and recorded WorkShops, private Mentoring, and Software tools to help the trader become more effective at learning both the Knowledge and Skills that are key for long term success in the markets.


By providing necessary skills development and coaching, Trade Objectives helps the trader develop detailed Plans, a Systematic Process, set realistic Goals and Objectives, all tailored for the individual to help them achieve consistent successful trading.


As full time traders, we have been down that path, and can help you develop a professionally modeled Curriculum, that will help develop both the Knowledge and the Skills critical to long term success. 



About Carl Jorgensen

Carl Jorgensen,  also known as CJTrader to many, has studied and traded extensively since 1997, after a successful 22-year career in the Entertainment Electronics industry.


Trading the markets on a part-time basis starting in 1996, Carl realized some significant successes trading and decided to pursue trading full-time in 2002.  He has attended numerous seminars, read scores of books, and actively sought out successful traders, respected experts, and recognized educators in order to increase his knowledge of trading and options. He has studied personally under a variety of recognized experts, including but not limited to Dr. Alexander Elder, Dr. Van Tharp, Gerald Appel, Larry McMillan, Charles Cottle, Michael Williams, Dan Sheridan, and Price Headley.


Carl gained a great deal of experience from a year of actively trading options as a Registered Trader with the Pacific Coast Options Exchange, where he traded Off-Floor (a few floors above the exchange) with 20 year veterans and Market Makers who had successfully transitioned to off-floor trading.


Since 2002, Carl has been an active participant and contributor at several Stock and Options Trading Groups, where he is often requested to speak. He contributes to several trading networks and chat rooms. In 2005 he formed a group of full-time professional options traders.  As a Technical Analysis student and Technical Trader, Carl has been a guest speaker at both the Technical Securities Analysts Association ( TSAA - San Francisco) and the Market Technicians Association (MTA - Seattle).  Carl has created dozens of custom chart Indicators, Scanners and Trading Systems, and has gained a great deal of skill from both manual and automated System testing and analysis. Carl  has programmed Trade Station to simplify his trading parameters, and has created numerous Excel spreadsheet to perform trade and system analysis, evaluation in support of a continuous improvement process.


In 2007 Carl began providing private Trader Mentoring, and presenting his own material at his “Effective Options Trading” classes across the USA. Carl has also taught his “Trading Risk Management” class and his "Trader Development Workshop" at multiple seminars, Trading Groups, and on a Caribbean cruise.  


Carl actively Swing-Trades Options, and is often requested to mentor fellow traders. He is very focused on the discipline aspect of trading and on using specific methodology, effectively and successfully applying what he has learned from his extensive education and experience. Carl also serves as a co-chair for the Seattle chapter of the CMT Association.


Carl previously owned an Audio Engineering Design and Consulting company, and has taught sound system design and operation courses. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife of 35 years. Carl loves serving at his church in music and audio, supporting several missionaries around the world, and helping others find their talents and calling.


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