CJ Dual ATR study
ThinkScript code for the CJ Dual ATR study. This is a modification of the standard ATR study that allows for two different period lengths to be displayed at the same time using the same scale. Either of the period lengths can be changed, as well as the color of each plot. This text file can be copied and pasted into Think or Swim as a new custom study (indicator). Instruction for this process can be found at the Think Or Swim support web site.
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CJ Historical Volatility Percent Indicator
ThinkScript code for the CJ Historical Volatility custom indicator. This is based upon ATR, but is plotted as a percentage value so that long term market comparisons can be made. Default ATR periods are 1 and 14 and price averaging period is 14, but these can be changed to any desired value. Instructions for loading custom ThinkScript indicators can be found at the Think Or Swim support web site.
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Days Till Earnings
This ThinkScript code was shared by kirill.kirillov in the user group site in May of 2015 and computes the days until earnings. This field can then be used to sort symbols by within a list.
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