Upcoming Schedule of Events

Nov. 12 2018  -  Carl Jorgensen will be speaking at the Seattle area MeetUp "North-West Traders and Technical Analysts".  Presentation topic "Risk Management Strategies & Trading Simulation Game"  - Methods of  managing Risks, common misunderstandings, adaptive strategies and methods to achieve more constant performance.   6:00pm - 8:30pm PT. 

For details and free registration visit:  www.meetup.com/Northwest-Traders-and-Technical-Analysts-NWTTA/

Nov. 15 2018 -  Suri Duddella will present Trading Failed Chart Patterns and their Analysis” at the Puget Sound (Seattle) area chapter of the CMT Association. 7:00pm - 8:30pm PT. 

Chart patterns present great opportunities when a classic price pattern doesn't perform or stick to its known traditional trading rules.  Suri will discuss how chart patterns form, fail and reform and how to trade their failures using specified rules. Suri will also, discuss chart patterns success and failure ratios and analysis.

For details and free registration, visit:  https://cmtassociation.org/event/puget-sound-chapter-meeting-featuring-suri-duddella/?instance_id=239