Upcoming Schedule of Events

Feb. 20, 2020

David Keller presents: "The Three Time Frames of Mindful Investing" at the Seattle chapter meeting of the CMT Association.  Details and Registration for this free event can be found at the  CMTassociation.org  'Events' page. 


A mindful investor is aware of the present, learns from the past, and plans for the future. The most important aspect of market awareness is understanding your investment horizon and using a toolkit that is line with that time frame. We will review technical approaches that are most applicable to short-term, medium-term, and long-term investing, and address common mistakes made by institutional investors. We will also discuss how applying the lessons of mindfulness training can help you manage risk as well as manage your own behavioral biases. 


David Keller, CMT is Chief Market Strategist at StockCharts.com, where he helps investors minimize behavioral biases through technical analysis. He is a frequent host on StockCharts TV, and he relates mindfulness techniques to investor decision making in his blog, The Mindful Investor.


David is also President and Chief Strategist at Sierra Alpha Research LLC, a boutique investment research firm focused on managing risk through market awareness. He combines the strengths of technical analysis, behavioral finance, and data visualization to identify investment opportunities and enrich relationships between advisors and clients. David’s blog, Market Misbehavior, explores the intersection between behavioral psychology and the financial markets.