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Live & Recorded Seminars

Carl has taught classes on Trading Options, Risk Management, Trading System Development and Testing, Trader Development and Developing a personal Trading Plan/Business Plan. Seminars have been held in major cities across the USA and aboard cruises.


Our unique "Trader Development Workshop" has been very well received.  This Workshop was designed to fill the void left by most other training programs that fail to address the most valuable aspects to successful and consistent trading. These lessons were learned the hard way, with much cost, pain and suffering in the market place.  We put the most important lessons we've learned, key aspects, principles and skills needed to be successful into this Workshop.  Those important lessons we wished we had learned earlier in our trading development.  We hope that fellow traders can learn from our experience, so that they don't have to learn the 'hard way'.  Take a look at what this Workshop covers.


Guest Speaker - Educator

Over the past 17 years we have given over 100 presentations and Seminars on a variety of Trading Topics. Trading can be a lonely business. We enjoy meeting fellow traders, and by sharing and teaching from our experiences we get better at both understanding and communicating these topics.  Both knowledge and skills are important to successful trading.  We make it a point to give examples of each concept and demonstrate ways to practice developing key skills.

For a list of Topics, availability and booking details, use the Contact page to send us your inquiry.  

Or,  email us at CJTrader@yahoo.com 

Custom Indicators and Studies

VOMO Indicator (VOlume MOmentum) is a custom indicator that Carl created in 2006 to be a way to measure Market Momentum that is influenced by both price and volume.  Most Indicators ignore volume data.  It was felt that volume did carry more significance, so this indicator was a way to take that into account.

This has been programmed for both TOS and TradeStation.


CJ Percent Volatility is an indicator based upon Wilder's Average True Range study. Carl simply modified it to be a 'relative' measurement based upon percent of price range so that it would be more meaningful when analyzing Longer Term charts (90+ years) and comparing various periods of Volatility seen in past markets. This Study is available for TOS and TradeStation.

Software Tools

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is available on a very limit basis. I typically limit myself to one student at a time. Coaching sessions can be in person or via skype.  Sessions are scheduled well in advance so that students can complete their assignments and I can give 100% of my time and attention to their unique challenges.  Interested traders must complete a preliminary assignment and an interview before being approved for personal Coaching. There will be homework assigned. It is not hard, but it does take time. The degree of a student's success has been shown to be highly correlated with their dedication and commitment.  Please eMail me if you are seriously interested in a personal program designed for you as a developing Trader.